Friday, December 13, 2013

US Immediate Relative Visa

When we immigrate to a different country, we are often left missing what we left behind. This is no truer than when we have to leave behind close relatives, who we miss dearly and want to be with us in our new home. It’s for this reason that the US issues Immediate Relative visas, so that immigrants can be reunited with their loved ones once again. We, at IXP, deal with thousands of immigration cases every month and our team of immigration experts know how to get the best results for our clients. Our years of expertise could make all the difference in having your application for US immigration accepted.

A Family Route to American Immigration
The Immediate Relative visa is seen as a stepping-stone towards citizenship as it can lead to the client being granted Green Card status. The visa gives our client the right to live and work in the US for the duration of the visa and there is no requirement for the client to have a job offer from an American firm for the application to be accepted. Neither will the client have to show that he or she is able to financially support themselves for the length of the visa.

The US immigration authorities determine both the cost and the length of processing and, as such, we are unable to affect either. Currently, processing takes anywhere from nine months to one year and costs roughly a few hundred dollars in fees, although these times and prices are being constantly reviewed.

Qualifying Criteria
For your case to be accepted, you will need to be sponsored by an American citizen or permanent resident over the age of 18. This sponsor must be related to you either through marriage, as a spouse, as a dependent child under the age of 21, or as a parent. If the relation is through marriage then the criteria for the K-3 spousal visa remain the same.

This visa type, along with many others, requires that candidates prove that they are of a good character and are in good health. To show that you are of good character, the US authorities will need to see a police report from your current country of residence. Additionally, you will need to provide a medical certificate from an approved doctor to show that you are in good health.